Complimentary Movers Concierge Service

The Movers Concierge is a complimentary moving coordination service for a real estate agents clients.

Utilizing your personal move coordinator, the real estate agent can take the stresses and worries of moving day away from a client.

In most instances, your personal move coordinator with the Realty PRO Concierge Program can help you and your clients transfer over common accounts to the new property address, such as:

  • Phone Services (landline and mobile)
  • Cable / Satellite TV accounts
  • Internet
  • Common Household Utilities

Your personal move coordinator with the Realty PRO Concierge Program can also help establish new accounts such as:

Up and running when you get there. the Realty PRO Concierge Program includes helping you and your client research everything from moving companies to packing materials to utility setup in your new home. We can help you get quotes and compare offers so you have all the information you need to select the best options for you. Your personal move concierge can then coordinate the preparation and scheduling of all your home services needs so that your new home is ready the day you move in.

We now also have websites and video tours that will allow your client to send their friends and family a co-branded announcement of their new home, complete with the new address, telephone number, email address as well as pictures for all to see.

Let One Call Handle it All